Camera Work Podcast 12

John Ricard and Ray Tamarra discuss:

  • Who to follow on Instagram?
  • How important is physical health to a working photographer?
  • What is the biggest mistake you made as a photographer?
  • What was your biggest success as a photographer?

Camera Work podcast EP: 08

Photographer and photo assistant Medina Lynn, joins John Ricard and Ray Tamarra for a discussion that includes:

  • The steps a new photographer should take to build her career
  • Russell Simmon’s “Do You” book
  • “One Second Everyday” concept and app created by Cesar Kuriyama
  • *“Transitioning Your Personal Project into Commercial Work” B&H Photo video by Jen Pottheiser

I recently started doing an audio podcast on iTunes.  It’s called “Camera Work” and you can find it here:

I also post a video version on You Tube.  This is episode 3.  It features myself and my co-host Ray Tamarra discussing:

  • What can photographers learn from the Pick Up Artist Community?
  • Discussing Neil Strass’ book “The Game”
  • Discussing “Ninety Nine Years Leica” book
  • Ricard Rant on iPhoneography