My daughter has hijacked the Nikon J1.  She’s comfortable carrying it around for the day.  Something about it being white is appealing to her, I think.

The close up image of my wife is taken by my daughter with the J1.  The profile pic was taken by me using the Leica M9.  I really love the way some of my Leica lenses flare when you shoot into the sun.

I recently acquired a Nikon J1 for $250.  It’s a remarkable camera if you’re willing to shoot in full automatic mode.  It’s small, focuses accurately and nails the exposure correctly more than 9 out of 10 times.  it’s quiet and fast.  Problems arise when you attempt to shoot manual or make exposure adjustments.  The controls aren’t we’ll suited for that.  At $250 on Amazon and eBay, it’s a great deal however.  

The most interesting thing about the camera though, is the super slow motion.  It shoots 400 fps and while the resolution is low, its still fascinating to see the world around you frozen in time.  This subway clip was my very first time using that mode.  Subway has always been a part of my street photography.  I can’t wait to shoot more of these slow motion subway scenes using the J1.