Some Dude With a Canon

I met this gentleman while I was shooting at the West 23rd Street subway station.  He was taking pictures of the public phone.  I asked him why, and he said he liked the symmetry of the train tracks alongside the phone.  I saw what he was talking about and I took pretty much the same photo he had taken.  It wasn’t a shot I cared about.  I then asked him if I could take his picture.  The result was a photo I cared about.

West 23rd Street

Street Photography is mental torture for me.  I’m good at it and I consistently get good results when I hit the city with my Leica. However, it’s a nerve wracking process for me to actually go out on the street.  Once I’m there I can get in the zone pretty quickly.  So for me, the real task is to show up. But its sort of like swimming.  The idea of going down to the beach and getting all wet and sandy isn’t appealing.  But once you’re there you’re probably having fun.

Model: @IyeishaHeart (IG)

Hair: @_hairbymizstush_ (IG)

Makeup: @auniquebeauty (IG)

Styling: @Modelcocaineclothing (IG)

Iyeisha is obsssed with Rihanna.  At least half her IG feed is pictures of Rihanna.  She’s actually going to see Rihanna in 3 states on her upcoming tour. She even looks a bit like Rihanna to my eyes.  I gave some thought to recreating famous Rihanna shots with Iyeisha.  I know she’d be down for that (!) but I think it might come across as too derivative.  It’s cool to recreate older images, but I’m thinking its a bit too soon to recreate images of a current artist like Rihanna.