My wife loves Target First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum.  It’s a free evening of art, performance, dance and debate.  The wine is expensive, but since a glass of wine is so well suited to museum gazing, it’s worth the expense.  This Saturday, I used the visit as a chance to experiment a little more with my Fuji XE1 -a camera that I bought for $250 as a supplement to my beloved Leica M9.  

There are times -mostly any situation in low light, where the M9 just isn’t up to the task.  I got the Fuji to fill in whenever my M9 is inadequate.  I’ve also had my mind on shooting black and white lately.  The Leica Monochrom M is on my radar, so until I secure one of those, the Fuji XE1 will be set to black and white most of the time.  

This evening, there was a presentation on natural hair.  More and more African American women are embracing their natural hair these days.  Photographer, Michael July, who recently published a book called “Afro” spoke.  There was also a hairstylist who styled some of the ladies from the audience who had natural hair.  I don’t know the name of the young lady pictured above, but she was beaming with pride after the hairstylist worked her magic.

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