Mitch Jackson is a good friend and someone whom I truly respect.  He teaches writing at NYC and is on the verge of publishing his first book, “The Residue Years”, in a few months.  Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for some of my friends to read their first book 😉

I’ve been working with him on a documentary about his life that will accompany the release of the book.  Recently we went to Portland OR, where I photographed him doing a reading at a prison where he had served time years ago for dealing drugs.  Mitch is intelligent, funny, motivated and charismatic but he was this|close to being just another young black male caught up in the system. 

Much of his story is revealed in his ebook “Oversoul” a collection of essays and short stories (for which I did the photography), but I suspect even more will be revealed in “The Residue Years”.

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