Model: @IyeishaHeart (IG)

Hair: @_hairbymizstush_ (IG)

Makeup: @auniquebeauty (IG)

Styling: @Modelcocaineclothing (IG)

Iyeisha is obsssed with Rihanna.  At least half her IG feed is pictures of Rihanna.  She’s actually going to see Rihanna in 3 states on her upcoming tour. She even looks a bit like Rihanna to my eyes.  I gave some thought to recreating famous Rihanna shots with Iyeisha.  I know she’d be down for that (!) but I think it might come across as too derivative.  It’s cool to recreate older images, but I’m thinking its a bit too soon to recreate images of a current artist like Rihanna.

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