It used to be a common thing that a photographer didn’t find himself in front of the camera very often.  These days however, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have made us more comfortable on either side of the camera.  Still, I don’t tend to like most shots of me taken by my wife, or sister or whomever.  I can’t see past the technical flaws in their work.  The only time I tend to like a photo of me is when I’ve set up the shot for someone else to shoot, or I’ve just taken the shot myself.  I know that sounds really obnoxious…but it’s the truth.

I shot this image one late night at the Union Square subway station.  You can barely see me so that automatically makes it somewhat likeable to me 😉  And it captures an environment -the subway, that I don’t dislike nearly as much as most people do. I’ve created some of my best work shooting candids of couples in the subways of NYC. 

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