She used to be married to me. @TamaraNYC

At given moment of the day or evening, when I look at my wife this is what I see -someone intently manipulating an iPhone.  A times its cute.  At times its annoying.  I remember reading “The Corner” and it talked about how the Crack epidemic of the 80’s was unique in that it was the first drug that women really took to with such intensity and as a result it totally devastated entire neighborhoods. 

Prior to my owning an iPhone I had all sorts of smart phones with a variety of capabilities.  None of these interested my wife.  She didn’t even want the iPhone after watching me use mine during the first year I owned it.  She only ended up with an iPhone when I passed my “old” 3G model on to her so I could upgrade to the new (and basically identical) “new” 3Gs.  Despite her not wanting the iPhone it wasn’t long before she spent hours each day checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and various blogs on the device. 

She used to be married to me. Now she’s married to her iPhone.

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