I met Galatea on the subway.  She was pale as a ghost.  Intentionally.  She dresses as as statue and stands motionless in the station as a form of living art.  When I met her she was on her way to “work”…just standing there alongside everyone else but facepainted to look like a statue.

I arranged to shoot her entire process of transforming from Galatea into a Statue.  When I got to her house she was listening to statue music.  Seriously.  It was music she was streaming from You Tube by a performer who stands onstage like a statue.  Galatea is obviously very into statues.  But she’s following her passion and that is something to envy if you aren’t following your own.

I shot this image right after she finished her transformation and was preparing to exit her apartment.  You can find out more about Galatea on her website,

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