I never got her name.  Someone had brought her down to BET for reasons I’m unaware of. I said a few causal words to her and went on about my business.  When the 106&Park taping was over I spotted her at the 59th St subway station.  You would have thought she was posing for a fashion spread, but in reality she was just standing there waiting for her train.  When I asked if I could take her picture she began to pose and I thought the moment might be ruined.  I was able to get to recreate the exact way she had been when I had first noticed her in the station. 

I only planned to shoot her for around 30 seconds, so i wasn’t really sure if I was going to nail a good shot.  Once I spotted the woman in the background who was sort of echoing the pose of my “model”, I knew I had a keeper.

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