Fashion Week #Leica

Fashion Week is such a cool time in NYC.  There are fashion shows and parties every night and even more celebs than normal are in town.  I used to shoot the actual fashion shows back when the event was called, “7th on Sixth”.  For the first time “real” models were in front of my camera, and there was so much going on in the photo pit -50 shooters jammed into a riser that could comfortably accomodate maybe 10.  It was a lot of fun.

After a year or two the constant jockeying for position among all the photographers, and the difficulty I had selling the runway images as well as the difficulty I would have getting into the bigger shows -even with the proper credential, made it not so much fun after all.

These days I’d much rather shoot backstage.  It’s exciting and hectic and the shot possibilities are plentiful.  This past season I spent a few hours shooting outside the actual show capturing the fashion of the people attending shows.  I shot the assignment on my M9, but I brought the Nikon, just in case.  The Nikon came in handy when celebs like June Ambrose and Eva Pigford walked by and there was no time for composing and focusing before shooting. 

The gentleman pictured here isn’t a celeb -just the typical colorful character you find walking around Lincoln Center during fashion week.

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