DUMBO in the sun. #Leica

When I look at a photo like this I’m actually amazed at my own ability to get this close close to people without them noticing me.  I realize that may sound obnoxious but notice that I’m not saying, “I’m amazed at my ability to take incredible photographs” or anything along those lines. I’m just saying I’m amazed I can get this close to people without them being aware of my presence and altering their behavior.   I think it mostly comes down to waiting for that moment where the couple is truly caught up in the moment and has eyes only for each other.  But I also go into ninja mode when I shoot on the street and I tell myself that I am invisible and I can’t be seen.  That may sound silly but when I study how to do card tricks (magic), they always say you should be thinking, “I’m making this card disappear now,” and not “Now, I’m going to palm the card so she thinks I made it disappear."  You have to have the right mindset and you have to believe that that mindset can become your reality.

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