40th Street and 8th Avenue. #Leica

There’s a newsstand 2 blocks from my studio stocks every single mainstream and underground “booty” mag published today.  I can’t say that I hate walking past it…

About 10 years ago I shot quite a few issues of Black Men’s Swimsuit Magazine.  At the time it was pretty much the only magazine publishing bikini clad women of color.  KING, SMOOTH and XXL didn’t even exist at the time.  I always got a kick out of watching people look through a mag filled with my shots.  I’d take note of which images they rushed passed and which ones they stopped and lingered at.  It always struck me as funny that girls always read through the entire interview while most guys didn’t even realize there was an interview in the mag.  I stopped shooting that content once the market became filled with so many mags publishing pretty much the same content.

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