Never Gonna Let You Go


Whenever I analyze an image from my Subway Sweethearts series, I wonder how accurately the photo depicts the actual relationship.  In this image I see a guy who has practically pulled his girl onto his lap and he’s controlling her neck in a manner than would make a UFC fighter tap.  So I’ll wonder if she’s really in a relationship with a dominating partner…or if it just looks that way in this photo. 

As a photographer, my job is to witness the scene and push the shutter at the exact moment where one image will tell the story of the relationship that I want to tell.  But when I’ve only got a few seconds to nail the image and my foremost concern is that the guy will notice me and step to me with, “Dude, did you just take a picture of me and my girl?”, I don’t have much time to make a judgement on the relationship.

In this particular instance, what attracted me to the scene were the tattoos a piercings on the girl…most of which aren’t viewable in this image.

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