Love your stuff man. I can’t believe you get that kind of quality at ISO 1600 from an M9! Having started my Rangefinder experience with an M8, I was always hesitant to go above 640 with my M9. But seeing your results, maybe I should try it. I envy you; you combined the 2 things that you love (music, photography) and you’re making a living doing it. I hope to do the same. I’m an urban shooter myself. Keep shooting beautiful work, and take care! -Tim Haines

Pretty much every shot I take with the M9 is at 1600.  I don’t go above it.  I do wish the M9 had better high ISO quality though.  There are times I’d really like to be shooting at 4 or 5.6  but I’m constantly wide open.  Maybe NYC is a dark place…I don’t know.

The forums can be really misleading if you use them to judge what ISO you should stop at.  Often those guys are so into the whole pixel peeping thing that they don’t understand photography. If you can find the right balance between gear/pixel peeping and actual photography, you’ll be better off.

Best of luck with your own shooting!

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